Canada has four seasons.


1. Almost winter.

2. Winter.

3. Still winter.

4. Construction.

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You can’t tell me “Seven Things” by Miley Cyrus about Nick Jonas wasn’t the holy grail of shade to your childhood. 16 year old Miley was breaking a guitar hero guitar, having close ups of her fiddling with his diabetes necklace, and scribbling out faces of Nick in photos of her and him all throughout that video. Disney Channel was a wild ride when Niley broke up.

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daniel radcliffe is a treasure to be protected

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Sitting on top of tables is one of the most satisfying things, I don’t even know why it just feels so perfect.

Sitting on top of tables increases happiness by 5000%. I wonder if anyone actually knows why.

we’re all cats in disguise?

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so today my ap art history teacher was teaching us about Hapshetsut the only female pharaoh and he was like “have you seen women they can pop out a baby and be like alright let’s go” and then he walked over to this guy and aimed his fist towards his balls and the guy flinched and held his crotch so he was like “men may be stronger but women are tougher” and then he said “so when someone tells you to grow a pair, they mean ovaries”

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These are perfect.

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i hope phil looks at himself in the mirror every morning and whispers “beautiphil” 

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Anonymous Asked:
How does one go about striking up a conversation with a cute guy?


Pretty sure “Hi I’m Cassidy” were my first words to my now-husband followed shortly by “WHO PUT THAT BANANA THERE? WAS IT YOU? I’LL MURDER YOU” bc u know mario kart

but I would just be confident, introduce thyself, and then converse thusly.